The most beautiful shoes for summer parties

Summer is calling and it’s time to kick off your boots and slip into the spring heels.

Are you going to a wedding, confirmation or garden party? We have collected the most beautiful shoes for your spring festivities.




Be the centre of the party in beautiful and colourful high-heeled sandals!
The beautiful colours will definitely get you and everyone around you in a party mood.
The delicate feminine spring colours can be styled for all party outfits - whether it is black, white or patterned.




If you are going to a party, adding a little gold and glitter to your outfit is the obvious choice.
High heels are elegant in themselves, but the sleek expression becomes extra festive with a bit of glitter.
The shiny metallic colours will no doubt turn glances and you will radiate and sparkle throughout the party.





For the elegant woman, a pair of nude shoes and muted colours is a super choice for spring shoes.

The classic stilettos are also super refined and can be worn all year round.




If you want to dress with heart, passion and warmth, a pair of red party shoes are just the thing for you!

With a pair of red heels on your feet, your party look will always be on point.




If you're not a fan of high heels, here's our bid for flat festive shoes. Ballerina shoes are a comfortable and relaxed alternative to the high heels.

Another option is to start with the high heels and instead carry a set of ballerinas in your bag.


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