I'm not perfect - I'm handmade

When we buy a designer shoe it's naturally an investment - investment to quality, durability, unique style and concept. The price reflects hours and hours of designers and manufacturers working to make the best product possible. All our shoes are handmade, which means it takes 3 months for the factory workers to bring them to life. A pair like that passes through hands of 17 people and undergoes 22 steps until the final product is ready. Once a shoe is handmade from the first piece to the last - it becomes perfectly imperfect. That is the beauty of a handmade shoe - each of our shoes is unique and none is exactly the same. Many of us often look such imperfections as at flaws, but in reality, that's where the beauty of handmade products lies. So we believe imperfections should be celebrated - so let's talk about 5 of those you can notice on our shoes: roccamore 1. Materials coloured by hand When working with small productions of high quality leather, you have to expect differences in the color. Factories that care about the environment (and their worker's health) only color the leather by hand, one hide at a time. Every cow is different, so the color might change slightly in tone, meaning that one pair of rose colored shoes might be lighter than the next pair. It gives the shoe more personality and is the only way to work with high quality material. 2. Keeping the stitches straight If you go way deep into the details and look very carefully, you might notice that some of the sewing on the shoes is not always completely straight. Again, when you sew the leather with the machine it will always be a bit more straight than when you do it manually. However, the manual sewing sews the pieces better together and ensures a longer durability of the material. comfortable high heels 3. Straight heels Some of you told us that you noticed on some pairs that one of the heels isn't perfectly straight. Don't worry about that, all the heels were attached perfectly, so they will straighten itself the moment you put weight on the shoes and start walking in them. 4. Outsole colour and wrinkles The outsole is the bottom layer protecting the shoe and we have it hand painted on each of our shoes. Sometimes the colours might slightly vary from shoe to shoe, which is completely normal because even the highest quality materials and paints have their specific reliefs, discolorations, and other characteristics. Some areas of the shoes eventually get a bit more structured what might be seen as "wrinkles." That is one of the properties of soft leather - it simply adapts to your feet. italian leather 5. The insole One of the biggest concerns we got from our customers is the look of our insole. Our insole is made of a shock-latex that takes 40% of the shock that comes from walking in heels and ensures your comfort feeling, but this material is very difficult to glue on, which is why you sometimes see small wrinkles on you insole. orthopedic insole Feel like we missed something or you have a question? Please let us know in comments or on contact@roccamore.com. roccamore ♥