Quick tips on how to walk (correctly) in high-heels

A beautiful pair of heels deserves to be walked graciously and to do that they have be walked in correctly. If you have followed our previous blog posts you should know by now how to pick the right high-heels, as well as how to exercise and prepare for walking in them. And now it's about time to take those beauties outside for a spin around the city. But you don't want to wobble down the street, right? All you want is to feel comfortable, confident and sexy when you are walking in your heels. So continue reading as we will introduce you to some simple tips on 'How to walk in high-heels' and turn the world into your catwalk ???? Putting them on The first steps are of course putting those beauties on your feet. No, point your toes forward, arch your foot and slide gently into the heel. You can then wiggle those toes and make them spread out and settle in their new home. Standing correctly  Before you can even think about moving, make sure you are standing correctly. It defeats the object of wearing the heels in the first place (to make you look confident and your legs to look sexy) if you shuffle or slouch along. Frequently we see other women do the same mistakes when they are in high-heels. They overextend their legs and back either forward or backwards. Both postures look unnatural, and only lead to disbalance and more pain in your feet and body. Another mistake we see is when women bend feet to the side or inwards. This once again leads to loss of balance and can result in severe pain in your feet and body. The right way to stand in heels is to first: -roll your shoulders quite far back and back down the other side -clench your bottom, tip your pelvis slightly up and let your hips take you forward -straighten both of your feet and have them point forward, not to the side You can practice at home your stand to make sure you are doing it right, like we have illustrated on the pictures below: final-blogp04-picture-2  final-blogp04-picture-3 Walk in high-heels (the correct way)  Start walking with your leading foot, and always follow a straight lineplacing one foot in front of the other (as illustrated on the picture below). Plus, placing one foot in front of the other creates the illusion of 'swaying hips', making your walk as sexy and confident as it could be (try it and you will see for yourself). When in stilettos your heel should first touch the ground followed by the toe (not the other way around). Toe to heel will not only look awkward, but will result in disbalance and discomfort for your legs and lower back. By mastering the heel to toe walk you will improve tremendously your balance and stability when wearing high-heels. Wearing high-heels will naturally shorten your stride, so don't try to overextend your steps because you will loose your balance. Make smaller and more frequent steps, and don't rush too much even if you are late for work or a meeting, it's after all safety and comfort first.  how to walk in high-heels
Always place one foot in front of the other, while walking in a straight line 
Wearing high-heels regularly or not, you will face having to walk on various types of surfaces from grass, to cobble stones, slippery floor...the list goes on. Here are a few quick tips to make that experience less of a headache, while feeling more comfortable and sexy everywhere you go. Walking on cobble stones  The thought of walking on cobble stones is a nightmare for most of us, but it shouldn't! Here are a few easy tips to make that experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. -Cobble stones are uneven and they have cracks where your heels can get caught, so be aware of where you are stepping and placing your heel. For more security just look down your feet every once in a while.
Watch where you are stepping 
-Ticker heels means less stress. As we have mentioned in our previous post, wearing thicker heels will give you with more balance and stability. This complies for cobble stones as well. Having ticker heels will mean less stress and worries when walking on uneven and full of cracks cobble stones. Walking on slippery surface We all know the horrifying stress when we show up at a cocktail party, wedding, or an event with slippery floors. The thought of loosing our grip and hitting the floor can make us freeze and hold on to someone or something for the entire night! But don't let that scare you. To prevent any disasters from ruining your night just take smaller steps, and make sure to put your entire foot down for more control and balance over your body. Follow these small tips and you enjoy your night out.
Make small steps and put your entire foot down when walking 
Walking on grass  Now this is a tricky one! Heels and grass are not best of friends. Having a thin heel will make you sink into the ground and get stuck. And we don't want that. When you attend a party or event on grass, try to avoid skinny heels, and opt out for thicker ones or you go for wedges. And to keep those heels gliding through the grass, simply keep your weight on your toes and put less pressure on your heels. Following those two simple tips will make you forget about your worries next time you attend a summer dinner, cocktail party or a wedding.
Avoid thin heels and put more pressure on your toes when you step on grass
Walking up (or down) the stairs Walking up and down the stairs can be uncomfortable and disbalancing, especially when you are in a rush. To make it easier and safer: -hold on to the handrail (if there is such) -step flat on your feet to keep better balance  -keep a steady pace and step firmly with each and every step you take   To round it all up on how to walk in high-heels, remember those few tips next time you are wearing your gorgeous heels: -Always place one foot in front of the other, while walking in a straight line -When walking on uneven surface such as cobble stones, watch where you are stepping and wear ticker heels  -When you are walking on slippery surface make smaller steps and walk slower -When you are attending an outdoor party on grass, avoid thin heels and put more pressure on your toes when you step on grass   For more inspiration you can watch some Youtube Tutorials on 'How To Walk In High-Heels'. Do you have any tips and tricks of your own, you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below and we will include it in our blog post ???? Sources: Michelle Phan - How To Master The High-Heel and Why women are getting it wrong when it comes to walking in high heels.