Shoe guide 4: How to pick comfortable high heels

Walking in high heels might be tricky, especially if you're about to torture your poor feet which are carrying your body all day with bad shoes. Make sure that you're treating your feet right! Good quality shoes are a basis of any good day really. It's also a wise decision for the long-term future, as wearing uncomfortable shoes can easily get back to us later on, with an effect twice as bad! So, what are the most important things you need to look into while picking your new favourite comfortable high heels you can run all day in? comfortable high heels black 1.Get yourself a solid pair of heels A good start is to pick high heels made of good quality materials and well-designed ones. It's always better to rather have 2 pairs of really, really good shoes than 10 bad ones - or at least one pair of well-trusted heels among others not so good ones. Then you surely won't have to worry that your feet will be knocked out halfway through a wedding, family party or work event and that you'll want to pay the taxi driver to carry you up the stairs! It's all about good quality over quantity! comfortable high heels pastel colour 2. Materials check High-quality materials are the basis of good shoes and your happy feet. Opt for durable and soft materials like leather, whether it comes in its classic sheen or suede. Only soft materials like that will adapt to your feet in the most natural way and prevent blisters and feet pain. Pay attention to the insole of the shoe - how it's shaped, what material it's made of and how much support it gives you - so that you won't need to tape your feet in plaster. 3. Listen to the toes First of all, it's important to try both shoes on! Each foot can be a little different in its shape, so only this way you'll get to see how the shoes work for both of your feet. Secondly, one of the most important things you should check is if the length of the shoe fits right. If you got the length right, that size is most likely the one for you. Another thing you should look at is the width - if the shoe is made of leather it will expand in width with time. However, if your toes are being pressed from the top, then you might need to try a bigger size. comfortable high heels gold 4. Pay attention to details Try those dream shoes on but be very critical about details! Start with the insole - look at how flexible it is, how much it can bend, so you can make sure it won't hold your feet stiffly and in an unnatural position. Pay attention to how well is your foot secured if the shoes have straps and how adjustable they are (because straps or laces make your feet more stable). Try to feel if the shoe is pressuring certain points, locate the pain and see if there's a possibility that the material will eventually loosen up - otherwise, you might end up getting wounds and blisters. 5. Walk them out  Once you decide that the shoes look very promising in terms of comfort and you buy them, it's good to try them on at home for a few times and really walk around in them. Have your afternoon coffee, strut around the flat or walk around while watching TV. This will allow you to really feel how they fit your foot and if there's a chance that they'll loosen up and adapt to your feet. If it's a yay in the end of this, you just found the perfect pair! black comfortable high heels roccamore ♥