The innovative secret behind roccamore shoes

Many of us can't resist the beauty of elegant, good quality high heels we can rock both our office day and party night in. Habits, which could possibly take their price, does not have to result in serious health complications. A research from Clinical Orthopedic Research Hospital in Hvidovre proved, that an anatomically made orthopedic stiletto with the special insole, created by an innovative Danish shoe brand roccamore, is a game changer.  roccamore Jeanette Østergaard Penny, M.D. is an orthopedic surgeon, who has conducted a study comparing the peak pressures on a foot wearing standard stilettoes to the roccamore off-the-rack orthopedic stilettoes and a pair of sneakers. I read about these off-the-rack orthopedic stilettoes and wanted to study whether a mass produced orthopedic insole could significantly improve the distribution of pressure on the foot wearing a stiletto compared to a standard stiletto,” explains Penny.  To realise the study, a group of 22 women was selected. These women wore the three types of shoes for three days each. Every day when kicking the shoes off their feet, these women noted the level of comfort or discomfort in the forefoot, arch and heel. Moreover, shoes were also tested in the hospitals walking lab with pressure meters in each type of shoe. What pressure meter does is that it measures peak pressure and distribution when walking in each type of shoe. What did it tell us about roccamore stilettoes then? The pressure measurements showed 19-26 percent reduced pressure to the forefoot when wearing the orthopedic stiletto compared to the standard. Arch pressure increased by 44 percent in the orthopedic stiletto, which is comparable to the arch support of a sneaker. It was a significant result,” explains Penny. This means that orthopedic stiletto distributes the pressure which is put on our feet more evenly throughout the foot rather than being confined to the forefoot as it is with standard stilettos. jeanette østergaard penny
“The orthopedic insole cushions the metatarsal bones that would be the focal pressure point in a standard stiletto. At the same time, if offers reinforced arch supports and a cupped heel that helps distribute pressure to the entire foot.”
Of course this doesn't mean that high heels are better for our feet than sneakers - they'll never be. However, the orthopedic insole built in stilettoes make a huge difference - they are not only more comfortable and gentle to the foot, and thus preventing pain and reducing stress put on our feet. She also emphasized, that "if shoe manufacturers used the knowledge to make such modifications, millions of women would benefit from it." insole The mind and soul of roccamore is Frederikke Schmidt, who invented the special insole, what took months of designing, testing, innovation and creative work. With her shoes, she wants to bring women comfort, high quality design and empowerment. “My idea for roccamore is to make beautiful stilettoes be comfortable to wear. That’s why I developed the orthopedic insole for my stilettoes with an expert orthopedic shoemaker to distribute the pressure on the foot better. That way, women who feel the stiletto gives them better posture and more impact can wear them without enduring the pain that too often follows," says Frederikke. Thanks to this perception, roccamore brings together what not so recently was completely divided - high heels and comfort. (press button linking to - VIDEO or shop?)