How do we shape our shoes? ✨

A little known fact about our shoes is that some of the models, that might seem completely different, have the same sizes, measurements and fit. The reason behind it is simple, but very interesting and we thought you might be curious to dig deeper into our shoe-making process.

What are lasts?

Lasts are mechanical forms, shaped similarly to a human foot, but which are tailored with small details, depending on the desired final shape of the shoe. They are used as placeholders and the shoes are built around them.

It all starts witch carving the form of the last from a wooden block, including the desired arch height, heel and foot width and toe shape, whether the designer wants it round or pointy. After the wooden last is complete and approved, it is replicated in plastic, in the needed quantity for production. A separate last is made for every single shoe size.

Different models, same last


When creating some of our models, we reuse the same lasts. For example, We created Hope using the same shape as we did for Foxy Lady. This means that even though they look different and might feel different at first, they have absolutely the same shape, measurements and an identical fit. Same goes for our new models - Mia and Eve. We might have re-positioned the straps, but the shape of the shoes is the same.

Same - same

All the girls from the Lovely Lili family have been made according to the same shape as Milena and her sisters, so if one fits, the other will fit you too!

We hope you found this interesting and that it will help you find your perfect size even easier in the future! Happy shopping! ❤️