Greetings from Frederikke


"2023 has truly been an exciting year for roccamore. Roccamore turned 8 years old, and it's amazing that our shoes have been in your closets for 8 years now.

We kicked off the year with our very first Facebook live, where you pulled Angie Yellow off the shelves.

Then we opened our store in Salling Aalborg - and later in the year we opened another store in Roskilde! Wow, now we have 5 stores in Denmark.

We celebrated International Women's Day together with Alt for damerne, where we focused on everyday sexism in the workplace. Something that can't be talked about too much.

We also launched our adventurous collaboration with Ib Antoni Legacy. With embroidered mermaids, we added both Danish history and fairy dust to the shoes. Thank you to everyone who came to see the beautiful exhibition at the Hans Christian Andersen House in Odense.

And our Shoelovers braved both the cobblestones of Copenhagen and Aarhus as we trained with Anna Bogdanova for even more strength to "stand tall in heels".

Together with Maren and Zarah from the organization 5 Skoler, we pass on the love of shoes and donate locally produced sneakers to refugee children for every pair we sell. We are so grateful for all your support for this project!

In the fall, we entered the debate on equal pay and gave a 14.2% inequality discount. This rate corresponds to what Danish women, according to the EU Commission, are paid on average less than their male colleagues. An unequal discount for an unequal world.

And as 2023 comes to a close, we're focusing on the mental load for women - especially during the Christmas season.

I am so grateful for my amazing team, stores and factories and of course you!

Without you, none of this would have been possible. I wish you a Happy New Year - and thank you so much for all your support in good times and bad! "

Frederikke Antonie Schmidt

Dance into 2024 in style, strength and comfort

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