It’s 2023


One in four women regularly experiences sexist comments at work. And just as many find their authority is rejected solely because of their gender.* And all too often, women subject other women to prejudiced and sexist comments.

We are writing 8 March 2023, yet far too many women are spoken to as if we lived in 1923.

Even strong and successful women like Annette Heick, Ellen Hillingsø, Gun-Britt, Rikke Hertz and Aida Sowe experience stupid and sexist comments from men and women.

Together with ALT for Damerne, we are now fighting against the many prejudices and stereotypes women face daily at work and in their private lives. We're not just talking about the directly sexual and lewd remarks, but just as much about the many condescending questions and comments, women of all ages are exposed to.

Let's celebrate International Women's Day by showing each other respect and sisterhood.

* Survey conducted among 2,000 female respondents in February 2023 by roccamore and ALT for Damerne.


Annette Heick

Entertainer, writer, singer and #RoccamoreRebel

"Media slut!"

"Aren't you too old for that?"

"Aren't you embarrassed by your parents?"

Annette Heick has faced her fair share of sexism and prejudice, not only from men but also from her peers. 

Despite the obstacles, Annette has refused to let the negativity define her and instead responded with an excess of generosity, proving that women of all ages and backgrounds should not be confined to preconceived notions and biases and be stuffed into boxes.

We are proud to celebrate International Women's Day with Annette. Let's show her and all other women respect and sisterhood. It is March 2023.

Ellen Hillingsø

Actress, voiceactress and #RoccamoreRebel

"You take up a lot of space!"

"Can you fit in here?"

"You're too much, Ellen!"

Ellen Hillingsø is one of Danish TV and theater's most popular actresses, celebrated for her powerful and nuanced portrayals of women. 

Life on stage and in front of the camera is not always that glamorous. Especially if you are a woman. There’s no shortage of sexism and prejudices. Even in 2023. All too often, women are put in a box - not just by men but also by other women.

Despite facing criticism and sexist comments that aimed to box her into traditional gender roles, Ellen has courageously pushed boundaries and showcased her exuberant talent, proving that women can be sexy, vulnerable, and strong, regardless of age. 

We are proud to celebrate International Women's Day with Ellen. She pushes boundaries. Let's show her and all other women both respect and sisterhood.


Singer, composer and #RoccamoreRebel

Now stop being so sensitive.”

"Are you starting to cry now?"

"Your sad songs put me in a bad mood."

Maria Mena has faced countless challenges throughout her career. And it is not just men who have found it difficult to show respect to the talented Norwegian musician and singer. Just as often, it has been her own gender that has met her with prejudices and comments about her gender, body and career.

She is a fighter who has always managed to transfer her personal experiences and struggles into music and lyrics that inspire and show strength.

That is why we are proud to celebrate International Women's Day with Maria. Let's together show her, and all women, the respect they deserve. It is March 2023.


Hairdresser, CEO and #RoccamoreRebel

"Hairdresser - what's that?"

Not many people took it seriously when Gun-Britt Zeller announced as a young woman that she wanted to go into business as a hairdresser. They believed that women and business were two things that did not belong together at all. But time has shown that Gun-Britt was right and the doubters were wrong.

However, the success has not protected her from prejudice and tiresome comments, both from men and women. When she had children, many thought it must mean goodbye to her career. But again, Gun-Britt proved them wrong.

Now it is her age that is in question. Even though it's 2023, she is still met with prejudice. "I'm not going to have your hair color." and "When are you going to retire?" Fortunately, she doesn't listen to them.

We are proud to celebrate International Women's Day with Gun-Britt. She shows us all that women are strongest and most beautiful when they are themselves. Respect for that!

Aida Sowe

Entrepreneur, model and #RoccamoreRebel

"You can't be the princess because you don't have blonde hair."

"Excuse me, don't you understand Danish?"

"A Danish person had never done something like that!"

You get a lot of comments on the way, especially if you have roots in both Denmark and Gambia. Even in 2023. Fortunately, the prejudices and the stupid remarks have not knocked Aida Sowe over. Just the opposite. 

Aida believes all women deserve to feel comfortable being themselves, and we couldn't agree more. First, she created an international career as a curvy model. Since then, she started AISO; a company that makes breast tape and nipple covers for women in all colors and sizes.

We are proud to celebrate International Women's Day with Aida: She is a princess, a star and a #RoccamoreRebel. Respect!

Rikke Hertz

CEO, business advisor and #RoccamoreRebel

“We call you the witch.”

“You are too expensive.”

“Is your host family home?”

As a highly successful businesswoman and sought-after business advisor, it is important to recognize that not everyone will treat you with respect and openness, even in 2023. Despite this reality, Rikke Hertz has been a trailblazer for over 20 years, demonstrating her success as a visionary businesswoman and advisor who is not afraid to think outside the box.

Rikke was one of the first to bring spirituality into the business world, an approach that has been met with resistance and criticism, particularly from some women. However, Rikke has remained steadfast in her convictions and is valued for more than just her financial success. She deserves respect.

We are proud to celebrate International Women's Day with Rikke as a symbol of hope and inspiration. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, or beliefs, everyone has the right to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

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Gun-britt Zeller



Rebels through time

We've had some pretty amazing women wearing our shoes through time.
Each of them with their own story, radiance and power.

And it goes for all of them - they're #roccamorerebels.

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All portraits for this campaign is shot by the award-winning Danish photographer Marie Hald.