Shoe Guide 3: Size Guide

As we all know, picking up the perfect, dream pair of high heels is a whole mission. It's not only about the design and style, but also about the comfort - whether you're a busy woman on the go who needs to be sure she's in the shoes which won't give up on her at the end of the day; or simply want to have a shoes you can rely on every day. Therefore paying attention to all the details as shape, angle, material and size matters so much. We discussed all of that in our Shoe Guide no. 2, so now we're gonna sum up all of that in a simple size guide. The length is the most important thing to pay attention to - make sure you get that one right! Sometimes different designers make shoes in different factories - so it can happen that the same size shoe will be smaller than the other. That's why we put together a little size guide where we compare our high heels with brands you know like Bianco, Billi Bi or Ecco: shoe size guide shoe size guide roccamore ♥