It's that time of the year again - the time when we should enjoy ourselves, find the missing inner peace and simply do the classic Danish pre-Christmas hygge, which inspires so many all over the world and makes them want to crack that magic code to the feeling of coziness and well-being. Instead of that, everyone is rushing, trying to meet crazy deadlines and do the Christmas shopping. That's why we decided to save you from the crazy Christmas gift-hunting spree, and give you the ultimate tip for a perfect gift for her or for yourself. She's your mother, grandmother, godmother, auntie, sister, girlfriend, wife, daughter, friend. Women of your life which shape you, love you, take care of you but who all are different - in their personality, style or "this something," you can't even explain. Give her something special, but still useful - give her timeless and good quality shoes. Here are five reasons why:

1. Shoes are a necessity

We use our feet to walk every day, therefore shoes - whether flats or heels, are simply a necessity. However, we believe that every must-have piece can be both useful and pretty. Why not, right? Getting her something as useful as shoes and moreover, beautiful ones - we believe, would be a perfect gift!

2. Nothing is better than comfort

No matter what, our feet are carrying us every single day. Therefore they deserve to be treated well! It's so important to keep them in shoes which adjust correctly to the anatomy of the foot and make every step comfortable. Everyone should own good quality shoes which prevent their feet from destroying and thus causing other health problems. So, not only will she love the design, but walking in such shoes will be so fun that she wouldn't take them off!

3. Luxurious statement piece

Good quality design and material is one thing, statement is another. Get her a piece of art she will make a statement with and feel empowered. She will love wearing shoes which will not only be carrying her gracefully all day, but also make her feel special. And a special woman deserves special shoes right?

4. Unique and timeless

Even though trends are lots of fun and we all love unique pieces which can spice up our closets, we believe in timeless fashion and style. And you can never go wrong with timeless shoes! If you decide to gift someone with shoes and are not sure about the style - a pair of classic heels with a small detail or interesting colour choice making it unique will be definitely a success!